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Last week, Prime Minister Theresa May said the UK should leave the single market as she outlined her 12 principles for Brexit . Row over Plaid Cymru Labour coalition comment after Brexit Mr Jones said the plan respected the Welsh vote to leave the EU but would give the UK "full and unfettered access" to the single market. He said freedom of movement rules could require EU migrants to have a job offer before entering the UK, adding UK legislation could be enforced to stop workers being exploited. "Our plan explains how we can strike a balance between the message the Welsh people gave us with the economic reality that we face," he said. According look at more info to the paper, 79% of EU migrants aged 16-64 in Wales are in employment. Image caption The white paper was launched in London at a joint press conference by Leanne Wood and Carwyn Jones on Monday The Welsh Government white paper called for: Continued participation in the single market to support "the future prosperity of Wales" A balanced approach to immigration linking migration to jobs, with "properly-enforced" employment practices that protect all workers For the UK government to make good on promises that Wales would not lose funding as a result of Brexit A "fundamentally different" relationship between the devolved governments and the UK government It also called for social and environmental protections, and workers' rights to be maintained, and for transition arrangements to be properly considered so the UK does "not fall off" an economic "cliff edge". Ms Wood said that, in engaging with the process of drawing up a plan, Plaid Cymru had "prioritised the Welsh economy". "We have done this because two thirds of all of our exports go to the European single market," she said. Image copyright Twitter/Leanne Wood Media โรงแรม กรี น ขอนแก่น captionNeil Hamilton: "There's no plan in here for controlling our borders" Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme on Monday, Mr Jones said it made "no sense" to place barriers between Wales and its biggest market. The document follows an agreement between Labour, Plaid Cymru and the Liberal Democrats. UKIP Wales leader Neil Hamilton dismissed the proposals, saying: "It's not so much a white paper as a white flag of surrender to the EU before negotiations have actually started.

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